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Will install or upgrade Windows 7              $50.00

Will install or upgrade Windows 8               $50.00

Will install or upgrade Microsoft office       $70.00

Will install or upgrade windows 10             $70.00

Windows Fails To Load Properly

Computer Fails To Boot



Speed up and fix Registry Errors                        $50.00

Unlock windows log-on passwords                   $30.00

Unlock Computer bios passwords                    $60.00

Back up on Hard Drive (pictures and files)    $50.00

Re-image computer, install all software and updates and systems drives                         $75.00

Remove Virus         $60.00



Remove and install RAM                                          $60.00

Remove and install Hard Drive                               $60.00

Remove and install DVD & CD drives                 $75.00

Remove and install Computer Cooling Fans   $100.00

Remove and install Power Supply Unit               $200.00

Remove and install Central Processing Unit (CPU)        $150.00                                                        


hardware & software prices are not included

Quality Guaranteed

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